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About Us
Celebrate You Coaching is a grassroots non-profit that serves the East Bay. Our organization serves to Empower & Equip individuals with essential life skills to live a healthy and sustainable life through first, gaining employment from building from their natural strengths and talents, and second, reaching financial stability so that we can end cyclical poverty one person at a time.
WE aim to help our clients so that they will:
  • Find long term sustainable employment at living wage
  • Increase work performance & gain confidence through self discovery
  • Manage finance and reach financial stability
  • We serve the youth from ages 14-18, and young adults 18-40 years old
  • Serving unemployed or individuals in transitions
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Community Workshops  
Our Story
One of my favorite questions to answer in regards to Celebrate You Coaching is where our logo came from. Our logo is simple. It's a dandelion and where that derives from and how it's used now has evolved into the heart beat of our organization.
Phoebe Jue's Mother
My mother was a small but mighty woman and when cancer came into her life, it did not stop her from being the great heroic figure that she was and still is to me. I remember that in the midst of the chemo, radiation, and endless doctor appointments and hospital stays, she would often (when she had the strength) to go on walks around our neighborhood and come home with a handful of dandelions. She told me it was medicinal and at that time, I just thought she must've looked like a strange tiny asian lady roaming people's streets and yards for abandoned dandelions. She lived for 3 and 1/2 years after her diagnosis and in those 3 1/2 years, she made an impact on my life and so many others that in my personal life, it would change me entirely and take me on a path that continued her legacy.
About 3 years ago, I had a freak accident and broke my foot on Christmas Eve and I was suppose to board the plane with the family to Taiwan for the holidays. As devastating as it was, it was in those 6 weeks, that I truly experienced rest and healing in a powerful and supernatural way. One can say, I found myself.

What did that mean? It meant that I wanted to live in a way that I could use my strengths and talents to be a beacon of hope and direction for those who didn't know where they were going, why they were going and what they wanted. As I discovered myself, my loves, my talents, and what I can contribute to the world, I wanted the same for others. Thus came Celebrate You Coaching. Along with a name I needed a logo and I felt stuck.

I remember sitting in my bed and thinking what could my logo be and that image of my mother popped up. The image of her picking dandelions with even a bounce in her walk as she discovered a new dandelion, like finding a treasure. And it clicked with me. Dandelion.

Dandelions are medicinal.

Dandelions are resilient.Dandelion start as a seed and then it parachutes.Dandelions travel short and far distances.Dandelions go places and bring new life.In this journey, I never not stop to look at a dandelion. I am mother of two boys and they two stop to grab dandelions and no matter what we are doing, we stop, we pick it up, blow it and watch the dandelion as it parachutes. Even in the second, we are filled with wonder and curiosity of where it will land.

That is Celebrate You Coaching.

It was and is so profound to me what it dandelion means to me and to our organization. It started out as a homage to my late mother and it has become a symbol of hope, growth and life. It is my mission along with those in our organization to find the dandelions that are hidden, that are isolated, that are unseen and show them the resiliency, strength and life that is within them.

So, what can I say right now but. "Thank you mom." Thank you for this eternal gift that we can always celebrate others.

Celebrate You Coaching, Inc.