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Coaching individuals is about opening their minds to seeing the change they can make. But as much as we love working one-to-one in coaching, our second love is for SPEAKING truth and empower individuals in both small or large settings.

Upcoming Workshops:

January 8th, San Leandro Public Library, CA- Recenter Part 3
December 12th, The Rec Room, Berkeley, CA- Flourish (NEW LAUNCH!)
December 11th, San Leandro Public Library, CA- Recenter Part 2
November 27th, San Leandro Public Library, CA- Recenter
November 17th, San Francisco, CA- Ignite

Past Events:

July 7th, Paradise House, Castro Valley, CA
June-July, Community Impact Lab, CA
July-August, San Leandro Public Library, CA- REAMP
July 28, Summer Family Fair, Berkeley
June 2, The Rec Room, Ignite!
May, Elmhurst Learning Center, CA- Mother's Job Description
January-March, San Leandro Public Library, CA- Women's Empowerment Workshop
February, Berkeley, CA- C.Y.C. Celebrate a Year Gala
October 28, Berkeley, CA- The Rec Room
July 30, Castro Valley, CA- World Christian Fellowship
April 2, San Leandro, CA - Spiritual Gifts
Mar 20, San Leandro, CA - Creekside Women in the Word
Jan 17, Mt. Hermon, CA - Creekside Women's  Conference
​Nov 20, Emeryville, CA - Perspectives Course
Workshop Updates
If you'd like more information on previous workshops and speaking events please email: contact@celebrateyoucoaching.com
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