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Celebrating You
"Coaching has been a great experience for me to recognize some of the blind spots in my life. It's like when we take our cars for an oil change and tune up. Sometimes we need that in our lives. The Ikigai tool we used in coaching has helped me to recognize my greater calling and potential. Now it's time to realize it!" -J. Lai
"I'm grateful for my experience with CYC because it has allowed me to take a leap of faith to follow my passion. Through coaching I was able to learn how to explore for jobs that aligned with my values. I'm now working in an industry where I'm able to apply my passion, experience, and skills towards making a difference in local communities." -S. Lara
“With dual roles as a physician and an administrator, I found my coaching sessions with Jake Johnson invaluable in helping me find new insights into vexing problems I faced. The combination of dedicating focused time on my conundrums along with Jake’s thoughtful guidance and probing resulted in me discovering paths forward that had previously eluded me. Thank you Jake!” -Dr. A. Jung
"I have been particularly helped by the way my coach integrates empathy and strategy. I was bartending and it felt like a dead end job. I feel deeply heard and understood by her, and also supported by her capacity for creative and effective strategy and problem solving. This balance soothes the pain of what has come before and facilitates me in moving forward into the future. I also really appreciate the way that my coach shows up authentically as herself in coaching, sharing her own thoughts and experience rather than holding herself at a distance. I believe that this quality of authentic relating is at the core of effective coaching and healing work, and I have benefited greatly from a deep sense of trust in my coach as a result. I am now in a place where I am a manager and get to utilize skills and grow in my field." -M. Mcardle
"Coaching has helped me to see things that I couldn't see for myself. My coach asked me the right questions to help me think about the core issues that hinder me from moving forward. The coach was encouraging in having an action plan for the thing I'd accomplish every week. In addition, I love the powerful conversations we had, the insight and the encouragement. I am in a place in my work where I am more confident and can show up best." -A. Pak
"I had just moved to Santa Barbara with my husband for his job. This was a big transition for us, leaving our hometown where most of our family lived, and where we had been invested in our community. I had worked in the same place for 5 years and when we moved, I had no idea what I was going to do next or what I even wanted to do. "Through our coaching sessions, it helped me to see my own patterns of thought and behavior more clearly and get to place where I could begin to acknowledge and express my own passions and interests. Since then, I have started seminary, working towards a Masters in Christian Formation. I am passionate about reconciliation and peacemaking and hope to help the church grow in these capacities. A recent project that I am excited to be a part of includes helping to develop an interactive experience for thousands of high school students to consider how to engage in global mission through the lens of reconciliation and peacemaking. I am fairly certain that I would not be doing any of this today without the help of coaching with Phoebe. I am so grateful for her and the work of CYC!" -C. Woo
“When I found CYC, I was unemployed and looking for a meaningful job that would allow me to exercise my sociology degree. Coaching probed me with questions that helped me to think about my goals and my action steps. It helped me narrow down what positions and places to apply to. Through coaching, I was able to practice accountability. Sometimes I would get stuck and not apply, but my coach was there for so I kept moving forward. I've been on multiple interviews and each time I took it as a new experience. Each interview allowed me to get closer to my goal. The application and interview process became less scary each time and more like a conversation. Being unemployed and looking for jobs can be discouraging at times but coaching helped me! I finally have a stable job. Now I work in financial aid in education. I still have a ways to go, however, it is very fulfilling and a job that fits me.” -C. Alfaro
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“Coaching has been a great support in starting up my own business. My coach and I worked as a thought partner and together, we listed out all the major steps I needed to take and then broke them down one by one, so I could work on them. We had action items and assignments to ensure I made progressed week after week. In the short time of coaching, I increased my confidence during conversations with clients and gave me a clear path to improve my skills. I am just celebrating that I wrote 22 invoices recently! I can say with confidence my coach made a big difference in the way my business took off.” -D. Fusi
"My coaching experience came at a time where I felt stuck in life and unable to figure out my next step. I had low self esteem and confidence. I was a post graduate with a dead end job and getting no where. What I gained from this experience was finding my voice, and doing one thing at a time towards my goals. I was able to find a new job and I've gained a clearer vision of what I want in life and how to change it for the better. " -A. Wong