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Celebrating You
"I found CYC when I was unemployed and looking for a meaningful job that would allow me to exercise my sociology degree. My coach probed me with questions that helped me to think about my goals and my action steps. She helped me narrow down what positions and places to apply to, for example, I started to look for Employment Specialist and Coordinator positions at nonprofits and in HigherEd. I would describe out loud the actions I would take and outline my steps in my agenda. She would ask me when I would accomplish my goals and how determined I was to finishing my action steps. This allowed me to feel some accountability. I've been on multiple interviews and each time I took it as a new experience. Each interview allowed me to get closer to my goal. The application and interview process became less scary each time and more like a conversation. Being unemployed and looking for jobs can be discouraging at times and I feel that her support was really helpful! I finally have a job that is meaningful to me!"‍ Favorite thing to celebrate: I love to create songs with my children while doing menial tasks so they feel like the task is fun. So really, celebrating when my kids do their chores! That and spontaneous dance parties in jammies!
"Coaching has helped me to see things that i couldn't see for myself bore. My coach asked me the right questions to help me think about the core issues that hinder me from moving forward. The coach was encouraging in having an action plan for the thing I'd accomplish every week. In addition, I love the powerful conversations we had, the insight and the encouragement. I am in a place in my work where I am more confident and can show up best."
"My coaching experience came at a time where I felt stuck in life and unable to figure out my next step. I had low self esteem and confidence. I was a post graduate with a dead end job and getting no where. What I gained from this experience was finding my voice, and doing one thing at a time towards my goals. I was able to find a new job and I've gained a clearer vision of what I want in life and how to change it for the better. " Alina recently treated herself and took a long overdue vacation to travel in the Carribeans!
"Coaching has shown me how to value myself. I'm much further than when I started and I'm eager to continue to move closer to my goals. My house is more organized. I've learned what are priorities and what can wait. I understand and accept my limitations and how to work around them. Working with Phoebe has been a true joy. She has a pure heart for helping people." Elisha is a retired vet (we thank you for your service!) and you can find her leading workshops on how to to prep those who served and are entering back into civilian life!
"Before coaching, I was very lost. I had been for a very long time. But through coaching with Phoebe I was able to finally start to see through the fog that was formed over the years. I was able to gain a new perspective on things I was struggling with in my life, ie: my job and relationships. It forced me to look and listen to myself to what my own priorities were. And though I can't claim that I have all the answers now, I have the tools and courage to work toward finding them." ​ Jeremy is saying yes to adventures such as bouldering with friends, and most importantly, yes to himself!
"Coaching was like I had an outside contact to guide me through a maze." - J. Chang
For years, I've struggled with the fear of unknown situations and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone, which was hurting my job search. Coaching encouraged me make a habit of trying new things. I’ve become more confident in my abilities, less fearful about the future, and more confident in the process. As a Christian, coaching has reminded me to trust God’s sovereignty as well as His will and plan for my life. Though it is not easy to leave my comfort zone, I know it is necessary for my growth. On a personal note, I am happy to call Phoebe my friend, too." Nick's first challenged was to make a home cooked meal for his family and now you can find Nick bringing meals to those in his neighborhood. Nick also recently stepped out of his "comfort zone" and spoke at the C.Y.C. gala!
"Working with Terry was great! Each session felt like a choose-your-own-adventure book. It helped me to re-assess my current path and where I am and then find strategies to get to where I want to be. I'm currently looking for another job and working on becoming a better adventurer in general, to quote Helen Keller, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
"Coaching is a choose-your-own-adventure book!" -M. Kim
K. Renwick
“The coaches at C.Y.C. are so intuitive, they are able to pinpoint the areas of my career I needed to develop and then set me on a positive path to move forward. I’m so grateful for these sessions!” - K. Renwick